One of my pet hates is the term "thought leadership" being applied to any old bit of content... ideas need to involve a bit of thought and be a bit innovative if they aspire to such a grand title.

This article on the Search Engine Journal is a good beginners guide for someone who wants to attract a bit of attention online and publicly.  That's a really good thing to do, especially if you are in a knowledge-based industry like SEO where clients will want support from someone with expertise.

But is recycling the same old views everyone shares and dressing them up nicely thought leadership?  No, its "thought followership"!  Something that will position you firmly in the pack, not in the lead.

Kristopher hits the nail on the head in the last sentence saying "What can you say that no one else has said before?".

This is the tough bit... but it is really what differentiates the insightful from the rest.  So if genuinely want to be a "thought leader", this is the starting point.  

Being armed with something distinctive and important to say will ensure that following all the great advice in this article will deliver far better results.