This is a great article, and it is refreshing to see an article extolling businesses to create some strong and distinctive ideas, rather than recycling the same ideas as everyone else.

Dan hits the nail on the head when he says : "Simply churning out content that’s elementary or thinly disguised product promotions won’t work. Consider that there are nearly 2 million blog posts being written every single day.’re not just trying to carve out your space from your competitors, you’re competing against any source looking to be in front of your customer."

It is indeed a crowded market out there, but strong insights will stand out for those firms that will make the effort to create strong ideas about trends and emerging challenges... ideas that benefit their customers (not just themselves)!"

Of course, creating such breakthrough advice is the hard part.   See my book for the process that has allowed Kelso Consulting to win four awards for thought leadership campaigns for our clients: